1. About

Shaun McCrindle is a singer-songwriter who has been writing, recording and performing original songs in Bristol since 1991. He has fronted various bands including The Over Yellow (1992), Basement Project (1993), Needletree (1994) and Copter (1995-8) and has collaborated as a solo artist with many musicians in Bristol, resulting in the production of three solo albums between 2005-2013. Since then, Shaun has worked with the New Wave post-punk group Glass Angel and the soulful Americana ensemble Rock n Roll Angels, writing, recording and releasing albums with both groups.

In addition to his own projects, Shaun has worked as a guitarist with notable acts such as the Blue Aeroplanes (2000-2002) and the John Matthias band (2000-2002) and has songwriting credits on albums by both artists.

Shaun has played at major UK Festivals (Glastonbury, WOMAD, Truckfest) and also at international venues, such as the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris. He has performed live online and has recorded a number of radio sessions with a variety of musicians.

Shaun’s songs have been variously described as: “somewhere between Roger McGuinn and the backwoods Gothic of Jim White” (2005); “Bristol’s answer to Jonathan Richman” (2010) and “superbly languid mini-masterpieces” (2018). He continues to write and release original songs with Glass Angel, Rock n Roll Angels and also under the name of Shozzo.