Rock n Roll Angels ‘Life Lines’ recording project with dBs Pro

Between August 2021 and July 2022, Rock n Roll Angels collaborated with Jay Auborn, at dBs Pro in Bristol, to produce a ‘mini-album’ called ‘Life Lines’. The project was conceived as a response to RnRA’s debut album, ‘Peaceful’, which was recorded live (mostly) in St Michael and All Angels church, on Windmill Hill, Bristol, in December 2017. Instead of recording ‘Life Lines’ live, we decided to record the songs in dBs studios and then mix them live in the church, through a process known as ‘reamping’. There are some short films about the project here.

October 2021 – Live recording

In October 2021, Shozzo – an acoustic trio comprising John Slattery on bouzouki, James Anderson on upright bass, and myself on guitar and vocals – performed a version of my song The Salt Path, at Windmill Community Centre, in Bristol. The performance was recorded by Joe Valek (audio) and Simon Snashall (camera and editing) and can be seen by clicking on the link.


I was inspired to write the song after reading Raynor Winn’s book ‘The Salt Path’, during the first Covid Lockdown of 2020. The book records an epic walk she and her partner undertook in 2013, along the 500+ miles of the southwest coastal path in the UK. This was no holiday! The couple had nowhere to live after they’d lost their house through a bad investment, so they decided to walk, and walk, and walk, camping each night wherever they could find a spot along the narrow confines of the rugged coastal path. They were out in the open air, with very little to survive on, for months. Critics described it as a “triumph of hope over adversity”.