New Rock n Roll Angels album released

‘Life Lines’, the second album by Rock n Roll Angels, is now available to stream and download on Bandcamp and Spotify. Find out about the making of the album on my YouTube channel, here.

Bristol group Rock n Roll Angels return for a second collaboration with dBs Pro and experimental producer Jay Auborn.
‘Life Lines’ is a 7-track mini-album, featuring 5 songs tracing a life journey through gambling, debt, work, escape, and commitment. The songs were recorded in Bristol, at dBs Pro studios. Three of the tracks were then mixed live by Auborn, in St Michael and All Angel’s church, through a process known as ‘reamping’. The musicians’ performances were played out into the church space, through multiple speakers, and then captured with a single microphone to create binaural mixes for each song. The remaining four tracks were mixed at dBs Pro, using the church’s sampled reverb. You can watch videos about the recording process on the band’s website.
The cover artwork reflects the five stations of the ‘Life Lines’ journey, with each symbol signposting a song.

Released January 22, 2023


The musicians’ performances were recorded at dBs Bristol, during August and September 2021, by Giorgio Cortiana, Joe Valek, Charlie Griffee, Oliver Maddern, Oihenart Garai-Morales, and Jodie Norvell, featuring:

Shaun McCrindle – vocals, guitars, percussion
Jonathan Westrup – piano, backing vocals, percussion
James Anderson – upright bass, electric bass
Jamie Hill – drums


All songs Copyright Control 2022

Pete Judge-harmonium (track 1)
Pete Webber-lap steel guitar (track 2)

All songs written by Shaun McCrindle, except Full Time Woman (McCrindle/Anderson)

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